Who Is Gordon Engle? Gordon Engle is a scum sucking criminal pig. 
Gordon Engle is a well connected weasel who is the President of Forward Properties International - A Receivables Trading Company that takes (usually unsecured) debt that the public has already paid for once (with a corporate charge off, and consequent reduction in tax liabilities) and then sells it to sleaze bag lawyers (of which there are WAY too damn many - including in Congress - see www.FATLETTER.org).

The banks sell Gordon Engle and his minions old credit card debt for pennies on the dollar, and then he massively profits by climbing in bed with his network of sleaze bag lawyers who carry the poor and distressed to court - usually without the benefit of representation because they cannot afford it, and don't know how to deal with it themselves. Then Gordon and his BS artists present false testimony (presumably naively) and suggest that the full debt is still owed, and they are entitled to legal fees and interest on top of all of this debt that has already been charged off once before already. It is called DOUBLE JEOPARDY and it is illegal. Moreover, preying on the poor is the most disgusting and vile form of arrogance known only usually to banks and government bodies.

I encourage you to write the Federal Trade Commission, and file complaints against Gordon Engle, Forward Properties International, Inc., and any law firm that he has sold your debts to.

Also fight your own case by showing your judge a copy of your Credit report where the debt has been charged off, and explain that you no longer owe the debt because in the terms of an unsecured debt agreement, the risk is on the lender - not the debtor, and once charged off, is forgiven by the lender - as they collect the tax benefits for the write off. You can't collect twice. You can't recreate debt to suit your purposes which is exactly what Gordon Engle and his band of criminal thieves are doing. Expose him and destroy his business. I am out to ruin his life, and I need your help.

To help me take further action - in either a class action suit of ripped off creditors, or to bring enormous political pressure on the responsible authorities to bring this fool to his knees, and charged with corporate abuse, write me, and I will add you to my growing list of complainants. Then be patient. With time, I will get this prick and his business, and keep you posted as to how it goes. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Gordon Engle, and Forward Properties International, Inc.

Scott Strople
Charleston, SC
(843) 364-5880
See my site on these jerks as well at:

And PS: Gordon: GFY!

PPS> Everyone needs to learn how to get this debt off of their credit reports. 
See Rondi Lambeth at Fortress Credit Pro and learn how an action taken against you after a charge off is 'an error' and the basis for the removal of the debt from your credit report. Rondi and Michelle can show you how.

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